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Certified safety agency

L.S.G.P SECURITY, Inc. is a Licensed and Bonded Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Security Company with the vision, the mission and the methods to accurately assess your needs and deliver your security service.

We are one of the best security guard company and recognized in our region.

We serve organizations, companies and private individuals throughout the Haute-Savoie area and beyond, and we use proven strategies to design reliable security services, security programs, surveillance and security services for any person and or location.

L.S.G.P Security, Inc. is a certified security vendor for the department of environmental security and surveillance


Our licensed, professional security guards provide the highly trained manpower, which combined with cutting edge technology, produces the best security for:

Hotels and motels

Monitoring agent, dog trainer, video operator, guard

Concerts and performances

Security agent, dog trainer, physiognomist

Shopping centers and retail stores

Back rate, video operator, SSIAP level 1,2,3 (fire safety)

Commercial and office buildings

VIP escort, video operator, SSIAP level 1,2,3


Boat guard

Weddings, gated communities

VIP escort, video operator, SSIAP level 1,2,3


L.S.G.P SECURITY offers all the services possible in terms of private security

Security agents

Prevention and Safety Officers - PSO

Dog trainer

Man-Dog Faultless Team

The patroller

Rounds and Surveillance

Shopping Mall Security

Surveillance in public environment

Video operator

Video observation mission

Fire safety SSIAP

Security and Assistance to Persons


We conduct detailed risk assessments to determine how best to mitigate security threats and establish a security plan that will help your society to function optimally, within a secure environment

Our use of cutting edge technology means that not only are your security needs being taken care of, but that our agents are being closely managed.

If your facility requires patrol cars, we can provide them, customized as required. We will do whatever is necessary to provide the security solutions that will keep your people and property safe

The CEO is also personally involved in each project. We take pride in our evaluation and implementation process, as well as our ability to respond to continuously changing needs as they arise.


Our employees are fully equipped by us: suit, ties, shirts, shoes, trousers, polo shirts, radios and jackets and above all to ensure their own security they are equipped of a Lone Worker Protection system according to law

Our lone worker protection technology sends alert during any emergency situation to protect solitary security officer or guard

All agents routinely make a phone call at the beginning and the end of their service to inform us of their arrival and departure from the site. If our security desk does not register a service, we send automatically a responsible of site for verification

Partner CSSI Alarmes

The new security center CSSI Alarmes & L.S.G.P Security in "Anthy sur Léman".

This security hub offers a level of properties and persons protection never reached in your region.

Cutting-edged security system combined with a fast intervention within a short period of time of L.S.G.P security agents


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